How to find psychological help?



Often someone asked me, in the end psychological counselors (psychotherapist) and psychiatrist (psychiatrist) What is the difference? Psychological counselor is a master or doctoral graduation, meet you once a week, every 50 minutes, through the conversation, listen to the way to interfere with your psychological problems, there is no prescription, can not prescribe. The psychiatrist is a medical school graduate (MD), responsible for giving you psychological treatment of drugs, every few weeks or months to see you once, the first meeting may talk about some (30-90 minutes), then Each time chat 15-30 minutes, the purpose is to understand the effect of drugs, determine the amount of adjustment or change the drug. But generally very serious mental illness (such as: severe depression, severe anxiety, or schizophrenia) or specific psychological problems (such as: ADHD) need only drug adjuvant therapy. Be careful, in the United States, many nurses can also open psychological drugs, but their counseling and diagnostic skills vary. If you need to find someone to regularly consult most of the other psychological problems, or recommend a psychological counselor.