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Recently some of my psychologist colleagues came up with some resources about communication within management/leadership environment. I want to put them here for readers' reference.

Several psychologists said although this book is not new, but it is more evidence-based than many other books on the market.

Quote one psychologist's recommendation: "15 proven practices to build effective relationships at work. It has a lot of great stories easy read, practical and you can skip around."

A lot of people who are in leadership position have really appreciated this book.

Other than books above, my colleagues also recommended books by Simon Sinek and Daniel Goleman. "They both have written really great books on leadership, communication and Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI)."

One psychologist also recommended David Yamada’s blog on workplace bullying has a lot of different information:


I will update this post as needed in the future. Hopefully these resources are helpful to you all.

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