Facing Eating Disorders: Two Books for Teen and Parents


Many people may not understand eating disorder very well. Actually, clinically diagnosed Anorexia and Bulimia Disorders could be really severe and endanger our bodies and even lives. Eating Disorders are closely related to stress, anxiety, and dysfunctional emotion regulation. We always want to encourage family involvement in the treatment of Eating Disorders.


Here are two books I want to recommend teens and parents to read if you are struggling with Eating Disorders (you can click the pictures or titles to check out the relevant Amazon pages):

Self-Help Book For Teens and Parents

(Eating Disorder in general & Bulimia)

I have this book at home. My colleagues in the hospital and I love this book very much and we often recommend it to our patients. Audio book version is available in Amazon and iTunes:

I haven't read this one myself yet, but I heard some good feedbacks about the results after following this book step by step.


These two books have also been translated into Chinese already:

By [美]谢弗(Jenni Schaefer),[美]拉特利奇(Thom Rutledge)

Japanese Version:

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